If you were to only let his work speak for him, it would leave a lot to be inferred about Dimitre Lima — his penchant for pondering, for example. His affinity for a good problem. Knows his HTML from a rock. Just looking at the bulk of work on his site, you can guess this Brazilian’s either got a lot of time on his hands to create mesmerizing, interactive fractals and animations involving the types of numbers that go beyond most people’s high-school math, or simply put, he’s a genius. An admittedly well-rounded one, because this computer geek knows how to design, too. His website work for Hurtmold’s M. Takara uses a concept I’ve never seen before, and he’s even had TV success with stop-motion animation. Lima must work on a clock of his own invention, which is dandy, really, because it gives his audience the excuse to experience the same thrills he likely gets from fiddling around with all these assorted programs that help him in his creative output. Even if it’s on a quantum-level scale, the world has become a happier place because of all the people who smile when spending time playing on his site. Rainy-day movie… his is a great rainy-day website.



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